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Montessori Fine Motor Tong Trio

Montessori Fine Motor Tong Trio

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The Montessori Fine Motor Tool Trio Set includes 3x textured tongs to help strengthen fine motor skills, coordination and concentration.

Tong Transfer activities can be introduced to children from the time they are capable of self-feeding. However, transfer activities are also enjoyed by toddler- school aged children. Each tong allows for many open play opportunities and investigations. Learn to squeeze, collect, release and place items down. Play time, sorting and whatever the children wish to do with them.
The larger wooden grip scissor tongs offers children the opportunity to build muscles in their hands while they open and close the scissor grip tongs. While it may look like everyday play, this skill will help master important everyday activities such as drawing, using cutlery, brushing your teeth and getting dressed. Pretty cool right?!

The Montessori Fine Motor Tool Trio Includes:

1x Bamboo fine Motor tongs: Approx Size: 17.5cm
1x Wooden scissors grip tongs: Approx Size: 24cms
1x Bamboo fine motor grip tongs: Approx Size:

Please Note this set includes 3x tongs. No other accessories or loose parts are included, however can be purchased separately. Colours may differ to styled and filtered website images.

Recommended for children 3yrs+ & adult supervision.

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