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Here at Play Seekers we are huge advocates for learning through play and are on a mission to inspire authentic play for all kids big and small! We believe that play is an amazing way to foster children's growth and development; that's why we are so passionate about offering sustainable, high quality natural toys-that nurtures children’s natural development. 

A word from the Director of fun and Owner here at Play Seekers.

Hello, I’m Bee!
A play advocate, former child, designer, wife, and dedicated mum of two small adventurous humans.

We all know that parents are a child's first teacher, however there are many valuable lessons that us parents can learn from children too.
As a parent of a child with disabilities, I understand firsthand that every child and their development is unique. It was through my personal parenting journey, that I realised just how crucial the power of PLAY is for early childhood development.
My goal of educating and supporting others, quickly formed and launched into a play community and store - which is now known as Play Seekers.

I created Play Seekers with the mission to not only support children of all developmental stages; but to also support parents and educators in your role of delivering innovate learning.

My vision for Play Seekers is not only to bring natural and wonderful long lasting toys & resources to your inspiring learning spaces; but also to create a community that supports authentic learning experiences through open ended play.

Being a small business owner means i wear many hats; from sourcing wonderful new products, designing, content creation for our social media outlets, packing and sending all your wonderful orders and so much more! Most importantly I am your go-to-gal for all customer enquiries; if you would like to chat further please feel free to contact via email or connect with us on Instagram.

Thank you for supporting Play Seekers, we hope you love our treasures as much as we do.

Bee +The Play Gang.

Play Advocates and rigorous toy testing.

Our carefully curated range of play based learning resources are perfect for playrooms, kindergartens and schools.
Our Play Seekers resources go through rigorous quality testing, by our in house personal toy testers, Everly (Magical creative legend) and Hazel (beautiful mini hurricane).
With their help (brutal honesty) and official tick of approval; we are certain that our wide collection is ready for all Play Seekers big and small.

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"It's every child's dream to be creative and every creative's dream to be a child."

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