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Mini Pine Cones

Mini Pine Cones

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Our beautiful selection of natural loose parts are a great option for authentic play experiences, that will truly ignite curiosity! Our Mini Pine Cones are a unique resource for children's learning as they offer sensory and open ended play.
The shape and size can be used in your sensory trays and your crafting activities such as play dough stampers. Explore texture, colour and shape with these natural pine cones. Invite the children to sort and compare them for natural play or add these to craft activities to give them a more natural look and feel. These can be crafted up by having the children paint these and glue on embellishments such as pom poms or yarn to create DIY insects or decorations.

Loose parts provide open ended opportunities for children to explore their own curiosity and innovation. They foster growth and a mindset that encourages children to independently problem solve, providing critical thinking that allows them to start taking risks. All loose parts are open ended materials, which means they can be used in many ways!

Benefits of loose parts also Include:

  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Opportunities to start and extend new creations
  • Encourages children to design, build, plan and take risks
  • Perfect materials for counting, sorting and mathematical learning

 This Item includes 10x Mini Pine Cones, other accessories and nature parts are not included.

    Please note: As all of our loose parts are natural resource, the sizing, shapes and colours may vary based on how they grew.

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