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Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

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Calling all explorers!
Our wooden magnifying glass is a wonderful tool to encourage exploration and curiosity of the world around you. It consists of a wooden handle and a magnifying lens. The magnifying glass is child-friendly and easy to hold. The handle is made of wood, providing a comfortable grip for small hands.

Wooden magnifying glass toys stimulate children’s curiosity and encourage scientific exploration. They can be used for nature observation, examining textures, identifying different materials, or even simple science experiments. Children can learn about the structure of plants, study insect behaviour, or investigate the world in a more detailed way.

The magnifying glass can also inspire imaginative play and storytelling. Children can pretend to be detectives, explorers, or scientists, using the magnifying glass to search for clues, discover hidden treasures, or conduct experiments in their make-believe adventures.

Our wooden magnifying glass therefor provides a hands-on and educational experience for children, fostering their observation skills, scientific curiosity, and imaginative play.

Approx size dimensions: 17×7.5×1.5cms.

Brand: Qtoys

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