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Gluckskaferooden Round Weaving Frame w 68 grooves 22 cm diam.

Gluckskaferooden Round Weaving Frame w 68 grooves 22 cm diam.

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A wooden round weaving frame and weaving needle by Gluckskafer. A round frame makes weaving easy for both children and adults. This frame has 68 grooves to secure your weft and comes with a blunt weaving needle. A wonderful way to introduce your child to weaving. With the odd number wefts you can weave around and around without worrying about changing directions and as long as you keep "under/over" going you'll never go wrong. Make a small round cushion or round table trivets and pot holders there are many possibilities. 

Size: 22cm diameter (68 grooves)

Brand:Gluckskafer: Gluckskafer has a strong environmental commitment and is known around the world for their beautiful wooden toys that encourage creative and child-directed free play, and natural development

Age recommendation 3yrs+
Supervision is required due to the use of materials and weaving needle that is included that may risk as a choking hazard.

Material: Sustainably harvested wood (mainly European beech and maple)

Certifications: Materials sourced from European forests certified for sustainable forestry according to FSC / PEFC standards.

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