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Easy Grip Squeezy Scissors

Easy Grip Squeezy Scissors

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Easy Grip Scissors are a beneficial resource for children to cut easily and safely. These adaptive scissors are useful for those who struggle with off-the-shelf scissors due to hand function or developing fine motor skills and especially easy for little's who are learning to use scissors.

Specially designed with automatic blade re-opening, these loop scissors will pop open after cutting to make it easier to stay in control and remain stable. These easy grip scissors come with a flexible handle. They have a blunt tips and quality stainless steel blades.   


  • They are easy to use - simply squeeze together then the blades spring back automatically.
  • Ultra lightweight and suitable for both right and left handed use.
  • Great for both adults and children.

Stainless steel blades with guaranteed secure fixing to handle, should always be used under adult supervision.

Includes: 1 x Scissor.
Total length is approximately 20cms.

Brand: EC
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