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Claydough-Neutral Earth

Claydough-Neutral Earth

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  • Claydough provides a sensory experience that helps to develop fine motor skills, ease tension and improve imagination, aiding early childhood development in a PLAYFUL way. Playing with clay dough is a kinaesthetic activity that is good for the muscles, joints and bones in your child's arms and hands.
    Your Little Play Seekers will love creating their own dough creations as it will allow them to stretch their big imaginations and think in new and innovative ways!
    Did you know Claydough also is beneficial as a calming activity? If your child is dealing with big feelings, sit them down with a container of fun dough and watch them squish, flatten and roll their worries away.

  • This safe, non-toxic and washable dough is a fantastic resource for the early years and for developing fine motor skills, encouraging creativity and playtime!
  • Children can create endless structures and enjoy the calming sensory experience with this perfect-textured soft-feeling dough.

  • Made in Australia.

    Each Tub includes 6 assorted colours (150g each).
    • Colours include:
    • Neutral Earth: Black, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Rose Dore and Tan
    Recommendation age: 12months+
    Ingredients include: 
    *cornstarch, pigment, white mineral oil, paraffin wax*
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