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Bloom Bamboo Strainer

Bloom Bamboo Strainer

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This bamboo strainer is ideal for sensory play activities or as an addition to your mud kitchen and home corner. Scoop, transfer, pour your favourite blooms with this handy little resource!

If features a bloom inspired groove strainer cup and a lightweight handle that offers a little slit under it, to hook onto your bowls/ mortar and pestles or other play containers. The little strainer cup enhances the opportunity to strengthen fine motor skills while children scoop, pour and strain their favourite loose parts in water play.

Size approx: 13cm long

As this is a natural grown material, there are slight variations in size and pattern in the bamboo and bamboo handle.

Care instructions: Please ensure Bloom Bamboo Strainer is dried after each use, before packing away. It is recommended to coat/wax (such as natural bee wax or clear varnish from any hardware store.) your wooden materials every 6 months or sooner if its enjoyed more regularly with water play.

Age recommendation: 4yrs+

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