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Poster Colours mini- Cool

Poster Colours mini- Cool

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NEW MINI POSTER COLOUR SIZE! Poster Colours by Zart are long lasting, versatile and economical tempera paint colours. These water-based paint blocks come in a pan palette, providing the teacher, student and artist with convenience and portability – they are easy to set up, use and store away. Poster Colours are the ideal option for any classroom, after school care, student kit, craft trolley, or when a wet area is unavailable. All that’s required is water and a brush and you are set to go – little wonder they’ve become the popular paint essential!

Poster Colours are inter-mixable, provide excellent colour intensity, versatility and coverage on a multitude of surfaces including card, cartridge paper, canvas, wood, dried air-drying clay and paper clay (Magiclay).

These mini sized palettes are perfect for individual use, may be added to class or student kits, great for plain air, when traveling, and make great gifts.

Mini Palette size: 12cm x 7.5cm.
View the larger palette size here!

  • 6 Cool colours including ultramarine, brilliant green, sky blue, prussian blue, violet and viridian.

    Brand: Zart Art
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