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Eco Hut & Water Wheel

Eco Hut & Water Wheel

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Let the fun and play begin with this hand-crafted wooden Eco Hut & Water Wheel Masterpiece!  The time taken in designing and making each eco-hut reflects the skill of a true wooden artisan, bringing you perfection in wooden toys like no other. This wonderful timber resource is so open-ended with multiple uses!

The hand-crafted Eco Hut & Water Wheel is the ultimate wooden open-ended resource that resembles an authentic real life vintage hut, with its own water tank and spinning water wheel! It can be used with or without water! Children can play with their favourite figurines in the little hut complete with it’s own movable mini staircase! This allows for many imaginative play sessions without water.

Children also can pour water into the wooden tank, watching the water flow down into the crafted wooden channel, making its way across the rustic roof, eventually pouring down into the mesmerizing spinning mini water-wheel. The mini water wheel is not attached to hut so can be moved around to adjust angles and provide more open-ended play opportunities! It totally can be used in conjunction with our Wooden Water Ways and other wooden water play resources making the ultimate water play set ups.

Why not put a plant at the top in the tank or at the bottom of hut to water your own pot plant! There really is no limit to how it can be played with because the best toys have no boundaries on how to play with them!

The Eco-Hut & Water Wheel is a must have addition masterpiece to our other hand-crafted wooden toys.

This package includes wooden Eco Hut, removable wooden water tank, wooden channel, removable wooden mini water wheel and mini wooden stairs. (Wooden Figurines in photos not included)

Age recommendation: This product is suitable for children aged 3+

Measurements: Size of Eco Hut & Water Wheel assembled: L 41cm x W 20cm x H 35cm

Brand: Explore Nook; Designed by an Australian Early Childhood Teacher and crafted in Vietnam.

Images: @thesunkissedfolk, @explorenook

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