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Montessori 100's Board

Montessori 100's Board

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The 100's Board is a key Montessori Mathematics material, which helps children make the leap from the recognition of numbers, 1-100 and understanding how they belong in a sequence.

Includes: 1x 100's board, small tongs and wooden balls. As this item includes small parts, please ensure it is used under supervision.

Size: Each Board measures: 30cm x 30cm.

Our top 5 P.S tips to introduce and use 100's board:

  1. bring the board to a learning station. Invite the child to work with you as you guide them to your inspiring learning area.

  2. Sort the number tiles into rows by the tens place (all of the 10s in one row, then the 20s and so on). They do not have to be in the correct numerical order within their row.

  3. Once complete, identify the column of the smallest numbers, being 1 – 10.

  4. Begin to place the smallest row at the top of Hundred Board in numerical order. Ensure you work from lowest to highest, from left to right, and identify each number aloud as you place it: “One, Two, Three” and so on.

  5. Use the control card to guide your sequencing, by pointing to each number on the card, before you find the corresponding number square.

Recommended Age: 36+ Months. Please note that this product contains small parts and must be used under supervision.

Materials: Made of solid timber
Non-toxic, child safe 

Brand: My Happy Helpers

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