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Metal Rimmed Counting Chips

Metal Rimmed Counting Chips

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Our Learn & Grow metal rimmed counters are a perfect addition to any sensory tub. Hide the chips in coloured rice and let your little one explore with a magnetic wand.
Great for counting, sorting and use with a light box. A steel ring around the edge of each chip allows it to be readily attracted to magnets.
● Bag of 100 chips
● Rust resistant
● Magnetic Wand not included, However can be purchased in a variety of colours separately: Magnetic Wand.

Play Seekers Top 3 ways to play with Metal Rimmed Counting Chips:
1.) Use to encourage counting and numbers.
2.) Explore the different colours and sort into colour groups. colour mixing on a light table or window is a great way to explore!
3.) Sensory fishing: Hide in your favourite sensory base (our favourite preference is sensory rice, cotton sensory sand) wave your magnet wand over the base and "fish" your rimmed chips!
4.) Loose parts with play dough.
5.) Discovery or musical bottle: place chips inside the bottle, glue shut the lid and shake away to your own musical beat! Place magnet wand on the side of the bottle to explore the magnetic pull. Please supervise children at all times.

Age: Suitable for ages 4yrs+  Due to the size of the chip children should always be supervised whilst playing. Smalls parts can risk as a choking hazard.

Safety standards: Our product meets all CE testing standards.
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