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Junior Artist Brush Set- set of 6

Junior Artist Brush Set- set of 6

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The Educational Colours Junior Artist Brush Set is a versatile choice for little creative seekers! Comprising six synthetic-bristle paintbrushes compatible with acrylic, tempera, and various other mediums, this set caters to a wide range of artistic needs.

Features: Featuring wooden handles for a sturdy grip and synthetic bristles for smooth application, these brushes deliver a perfect balance of comfort and functionality. Unleash your creativity with the versatile and reliable Junior Artist Brush Set from Educational Colours. The set includes brushes of various shapes and sizes - small round, medium round, large round, large filbert, medium filbert, and small filbert. This range ensures artists have the ideal tool for every stroke, whether defining delicate details or covering larger areas.

  • Number of Brushes: 6 in assorted shapes and sizes
  • Brush Styles: Small Round, Medium Round, Large Round, Large Filbert, Medium Filbert, Small Filbert

    brand: Educational Colours
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