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Bee-Things Duo

Bee-Things Duo

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The Bee things trio set is a must have for your inspiring learning spaces.
Each scoop is ideal for sensory play activities or as an addition to your mud kitchen and home corner. Scooping ,pouring and transferring may be fun for children to experience and it holds many benefits such as further supporting fine motor skill development. As children grasp small objects, hold containers, and control the flow of materials, they refine their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

The Bee things trio set includes:
1x Bee spoon
1x honeycomb Mixer spoon

As this is a natural material, there are slight variations in size and pattern in the rattan.

Care instructions: please ensure that all scoops are dried after use.
It is recommended to coat/wax (such as natural bee wax or clear varnish from any hardware store.) your natural materials every 6 months or sooner if its enjoyed more regularly with water play.

Which all can be purchased separately if you need an additional tool to add to your set!

Age: 3yrs+

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