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Poster Colour Palettes- assorted colours available

Poster Colour Palettes- assorted colours available

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Get creative with this long lasting poster colour paint!
It is the perfect colour palette for everyday use, and is easy to use and to store, making it an ideal option for playrooms and classrooms. All that is required is water and you are set to go.

These paints are easy to clean and will not result in any wastage – unlike those stored in bottles or tubes.

  • Warm colours include: Cerise, orange, white, lemon, brilliant yellow and crimson.
  • Earth Colours Include: Yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, grey, black and peach.
  • Cool Colours include: Ultramarine, brilliant green, sky blue, Prussian blue, violet and viridian.
  • Basic colours include: white, black, brilliant yellow, brilliant red, brilliant green and ultramarine.

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    Images: @playseekers_ , @belindalouisedenning , @hipppieatheart , @_lifewithkeirra 
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