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Speckled Egg- Pink and Orange Wish Fizz- Limited Edition Easter Collection

Speckled Egg- Pink and Orange Wish Fizz- Limited Edition Easter Collection

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Calling all Magic Seekers and bunny believers! Do you believe in magic? We do! Play Seekers Wish Fizz will keep the Easter magic alive for your little ones these holidays.

: Watch it fizz, bubble, shimmer and shine as it sparks a world of wonder and imagination! Use your magical Wish Fizz in your magic potions, experiments, bunny offerings and Easter outdoor adventures.
Did you know that magical Wish Fizz can also help the Easter Bunny find its way to your home? Leave a sprinkle of the shimmery Fizz outside at night and the moon will make it shine so bright! As the Easter Bunny jumps and roam, Wish Fizz will help him find your home!

Speckled Egg- Orange and Pink - Wish Fizz Features: 

Featuring a vibrant pastel peachy and pink colour swirls, with a sparkling shimmery shine! Each Jar comes labeled with play instructions on the inside of the lid. So easy to use-activated by water! Or add Vinegar if you would like extra foamy fizz.

  • The perfect size to fit right in your egg-citing Easter baskets! Packaged in a sturdy, round reusable glass 80ml Jar, peel away the stickers and reuse for your loose parts or arts and crafts when you have finished your Wish fizz!
  • Many other LIMITED EDITION colours available! check out the Easter Wish Fizz Collection!

    Please note that our Play Seekers Fizz is made in small batches, colours may vary from product image. Fizz swirls may mix in transit due to shipping and handling.

Benefits of Play Seekers Fizz play:
Our Wish Fizz adds a fun element to play creations & provides a wonderful play invitation that allows children to explore, create and experiment. Potions and experimental play is great fun and has so many wonderful developmental benefits for children. When children are busy pouring, transferring, mixing, scooping they are developing their motor skills, expanding their problem solving skills, engaging in scientific and mathematical thinking; all while promoting calmness and building those wonderful nerve connections to their brain. Children can learn about different textures and sounds when it is transferred into different materials such as glass, metal and wood.

Play Seekers Fizz play inspiration: Children will have a blast pretending they are scientist, fairies, wizard or anything they wish to be! Play Seekers Fizz is a great addition to mud kitchens, water play trays, potion making, science experiments, creating soups or exploring reactions. Create potions to entice fairies and magical creatures to come live within your backyard. Perhaps sprinkle a pinch of Eco glitter, Dried Flowers and crystals to your window frames to help with extra sweet dreams! (we have been told that it also helps the Easter Bunny find your rooms easier!)

Age recommendation:
3yrs+ Adult supervision required.

Do not consume: Smells like a treat, but please DO NOT EAT. Adult supervision is recommend at all times; especially with young children or children who have oral sensory seeking behaviours. Small parts may risk as a choking hazard.

Please note this is for 1x 80ml Play Seekers Fizz Jar, other jars and accessories aren't included however can be purchased separately.

Brand: Play Seekers
Materials: Our Play Seekers Fizz are lovingly handmade using organic Bicarb soda & citric acid, safety certified colouring, vegetable/ fruit based powders, salt. earth pigments and mica Powder.

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