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Natural Fairy Tree House

Natural Fairy Tree House

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Make a magical fairy world come to life with this beautiful Fairy Treehouse!

The beauty of children interacting and creating small world play, not only nurtures a child's imagination, but also gives the opportunity for to act out life experiences and supports the development of their personal, social and emotional skills.  When children take on and act out another role, it supports their language development, confidence building and self-esteem.

This beautiful Natural Fairy Treehouse, is made with natural wood branches, the bark and wood grain details bring you a little closer to nature with every play! Perfect for small world scenes, and even as a bedroom decor piece to really encourage whimsical friends to visit in your little ones dreams!

Size: 25 × 15 × 5 cm
Age: 2+ please supervise at all times as loose parts may risk as a choking hazard.
Brand: QTOYS

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