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Bamboo Construct & Roll

Bamboo Construct & Roll

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This amazing resource is so open-ended, so a child can truly use their imagination to explore and play.  If you’re serious about children learning through play then this is one natural learning resource that you must have in your block corner or child’s play room.

As children build bamboo ramps and investigate rolling a variety of objects they gain a deeper understanding of foundational math and science concepts (STEM).  There are so many opportunities for children to practice problem solving, engage in open-ended play and investigate rolling a variety of objects. This natural learning resource is made from natural bamboo and every piece is unique. All pieces come apart simply joined by dowel and holes. So it can also be added to loose parts or combined with blocks for further building extensions.

Set includes:

8 X natural bamboo ramp channels  (diameter varies from 50cm to 75cm and lengths from 30cm)

6 X natural bamboo tube stands with wooden dowel pegs and holes for simple construction of various height bases to place bamboo ramp channel tracks. This allows young engineers to explore with various angles by adjusting height.

4 X natural bamboo half base stands with wooden dowel pegs

4 X Natural bamboo half top stands

Did you know that Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource?!

Photo credit: @chaos_with_a_k, @mywildsparrows,

Due to this set being natural bamboo, each piece has a character of its own and each set is in someway unique, with varying shades of colour and shape. Bamboo is known to have pieces that have varying shape based on how it naturally grew and therefore many pieces are not perfectly round, and may have slight natural marks and cracks. These are to be expected when using a natural resource such as bamboo and not effect how resource is played with.

This product made in Vietnam and is for children 3 years and above.

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