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Affirmation Cards for Kids

Affirmation Cards for Kids

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"Our little ones look to us to model behaviour. The Best Skill you can give your child is the power of positive self-talk and self confidence. Using Affirmation Cards for kids is the first steps to help grow mindfulness, they're never too young to start." - The Creative Sprout.

This set of 26 positive affirmation cards focuses on affirming the child is loved, as well as confidence-building statements that ensure they know they are capable of handling all situations. We have mindfully paired each positive affirmation with hand-drawn illustrations, to help little ones visualise each phrase.

These cards have a special focus on kindness, not only to themselves but to others around them. Research shows mindful kids are more likely to be focused, calm and have the ability to create their own happiness, which are all essential parts for your child’s well-being.

We hope your little one loves these cards and they bring greater mindfulness to them and those around them.

Our Kids Affirmation Cards are designed in Australia by The Creative Sprout, and shipped worldwide. Printed locally in Sydney, on an A6 size 350gsm card stock, with rounded corners and protective matt celloglazing for durability. They also come in a calico drawstring bag for safekeeping.

Brand: The Creative Sprout    | Images: Thecreativesprout
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