Oak Leaf House +Mat

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This whimsical Oak Leaf felt house + Mat will spark the imagination for all kids big and small! Ignite your small world play scenes and create an adorable home for fairy folk, gnomes and other mystical creatures! It comes with its very own little cosy mat, featuring hand-stitched grass bushes and little red, yellow and purple flowers on it. It also features 3x textured vines that hang & curl down from the Leaf roof and it has a functional welcoming door so that fairies can climb inside.
Felt toys are perfect for adding some texture, colour and beauty to your play!

The Oak Leaf house is approximately 28cm tall, and features a long loop on the top of it, perfect for hanging from a hook. The mat has a 25cm diameter.

Beautifully handcrafted in Nepal, 100% wool.

Size: Oak Leaf House: approx 24cm high, Mat 25cm D.
Brand: Papoose