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Ready, Set, Magic! New & improved and double the fun!
Our New Whimsical wishes includes both the top favourite Magic Fairy Sets AND Rainbow Fizzles Sets all combined into one huge kit of magic!

Our New and Improved Whimsical Wishes Kits are the perfect sprinkle of magic to encourage children to create their very own magical world.
Each Kit provides a wonderful play invitation that allows and supports children to explore, create and experiment. Potions and experimental play is great fun and has so many wonderful developmental benefits for children; such as social skills, communication & language skills, critical thinking, science & math skills.

Create potions to entice fairies and magical creatures to come live within your backyard. Perhaps sprinkle a pinch of Eco glitter, Dried Flowers and crystals to your window frames to help with extra sweet dreams! (we have been told that it also helps the tooth fairy and Santa's elves find your bedrooms easier!)

Sets include:

  • 7x Rainbow FizzleTubes, (NEW 40ml PET plastic, Screw-top lids, perfect to reuse in other play or storage.): Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink. (Colours may vary each batch due to their natural grade colours)
  • 1x Calico Bag- crystal chips
  • 1x Calico Bag- Dried flowers
  • 1x Mini Magical vial of Eco Glitter- mixed silver and Gold-2ml jar.
  • 1x Bamboo Mixing Stick
  • 1x Mixing Spoon/Scoop
  • 1x Instruction Card- Double Sided.

    Give each fizzle tube a great big shake and make a wish before pouring and creating your potions/ experiments! This allows the magic fizzle to separate into Sprinkle.

Our Play Seekers Fizzles adds a fun element to play creations & allows children to engage in the experience of pretending they are scientist, fairies, wizard or anything they wish to be! Sensory and potion making encourages every day skills such as pouring, transferring and scooping.
Why not investigate investigating solubility, capacity, buoyancy (whether they sink or float) and more.

Use with: Add spoons of warm water to watch your fizzle come to life! For EXTRA fizz, use vinegar instead of water.

Age: Recommended for 3.5yrs+; Please supervise children, as small parts may risk as a choking hazard.

Each fizzle tube has a small air gap to allow your children to "Shake and make a wish" before pouring. This allows the magic fizzle to separate into Sprinkle.

Brand: Play Seekers

Storage: Please store out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Please Note:
the Items included in our Whimsical Wishes Kits are not for Consumption. Although the ingredients are non-toxic, please DO NOT eat/drink any of them. Parental Supervision is required at all times, as small parts may risk as a choking hazard.
Do not use on open wounds.